Fr Tikhon talks about the situation in Ukraine

Blessed are the peacemakers

Father Tikhon Vasilyev gave a talk last week in Brecon

He spoke about the current situation in Ukraine.

He talked from his own personal experience of living in Doneskt and the role of the Church in times of war.

His monastery is currently engaged in caring for the elderly & the sick , the fair treatment of prisoners and the admonishment of those who seek to provoke conflict.


Fr Tikhon & Peter Brook in Brecon

Fr Tikhon & Peter Brook in Brecon

Discussion group in Brecon

The next Discussion Group event is on Thursday 14th May when Father Tikhon Vasilyev who is a hieromonk (a monk who is also a priest) in the Orthodox Church will talk and lead a discussion on The Humanitarian Crisis in East Ukraine. His monastery is situated near Donetsk at the heart of the present troubles. There is huge destruction in East Ukraine and many people who have lost their homes and livelihood are taking refuge in the monastery. Fr Tikhon will describe both the scale of the problem and what the monastery is trying to do to help.

Then, on Thursday 18th June, our own Peter Brooke will talk and lead a discussion on The illness and cure of the soul in the Orthodox tradition. Peter will consider, in the light of Orthodox teaching, what Christians mean when they say that Christ ‘overcame death’.

All at 7.30 pm and all at the Three Horseshoes pub in Orchard Street Brecon