How to post to this site

A simple guide to posting on this site, click the images for more detail.

As agreed we all need to discuss and establish a content posting policy, I suggest we comment here as well.

  • Once logged in you will see a dashboard similar to the one on the left.
  • To begin creating a new post go to Posts – Add New in the left-hand dashboard menu
  • This is where you create your post
  • Add your title, this will appear as a header on the site + facebook
  • Add your text in the simple word processor type box, basic formatting is available.
  • If you wish to add images click the Add Media button. You will be taken to the site media library where you can select an image, or you have the option to upload an image from computer (.jpg, .gif, .png).
  • IMPORTANT- select a category for your post, uncategorized posts will not be displayed. If you need a new category¬†created please let me know.
  • Click preview¬†
  • When you are happy click publish. Your post will appear on the front of the website and on our facebook page.
  • Facebook will automatically pick up the opening paragraph & the first image.