Pilgrimage to St Justinians

Pilgrimage to St Justinians

19th October 2019

We will be embarking on a pilgrimage to St Justinians Chapel, the original resting place of the 6th century saint and heiromartyr. Meeting at the Cathedral in St Davids before making our way to St Justinians for a celebration of Vespers at 3pm. 

2pm Meeting at Merrivale car park (SA62 6RJ) opposite the Cathedral & Bishops Palace approx 1.7 miles from St Justinians – Walk or drive to St Justinians (parking is limited, lift available)

3pm Vespers service in the Chapel of St Justinian (SA62 6PY), the Chapel is open to the elements, pray for good weather.

5pm Veneration of the icon & relics of St Justinian in St Davids Cathedral

The Holy Hieromartyr Justinian of Ramsey Island, originally from a Breton Celtic family, was the confessor and spiritual father of Saint David of Wales. Ramsey Island was the site of Justinian’s hermitage, and lies just off the extreme southwest of Wales, near the city of St Davids.

Open Doors – St Nicholas’ Greek Orthodox Church Cardiff

Open Doors – St Nicholas’ Greek Orthodox Church Cardiff

Sat 14 Sep 2019
09:30 – 16:00
The Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas is tucked away just off the top of Bute Street. It was built in 1906 in the Byzantine style. In fact, it is one of the very few churches in the UK built as an Orthodox church.

In recent years, the church has been completely renovated.

The church interior is very beautiful. There is a carved icon screen and wall paintings depicting scenes from the life of Christ and also St Nicholas.

During the open day, the church will be open from 9.30am until 4pm.

There will be a service in the morning for the Feast of the Holy Cross. This will conclude by 12 noon. There will be a guided tour at 2.30pm.

Address – St Nicholas’ Greek Orthodox Church, Greek Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 5HA.

More Info Here: https://cadw.gov.wales/open-doors-st-nicholas-greek-orthodox-church

Lampeter Orthodox Church discussion on ‘Mission’ – Sunday 8th September 2019

Lampeter Orthodox Church discussion on ‘Mission’ – Sunday 8th September 2019

I was pleased to be asked by Father Tim to introduce the topic of ‘mission’ and explore what that might mean. Part of the introduction was that there is both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ mission, in other words the continual growth of the Orthodox faithful is absolutely essential as the basis from which external mission flows. Orthodoxy is primarily a faith of lived growth…to paraphrase what Bishop Athanasios explained to me on the phone from the offices of the Patriarchate last week, “We do not wear the shoes we wore as a child.” So, external mission must first flow from continual internal renewal and maturation. After a broad discussion we rounded up and discussed practical ways that we might increase our visibility and induce others to experience Orthodoxy.
Here were some practical ideas:
1) We shall continue holding Orthodox vespers services in host parishes, as we had done in Nevern (I believe there is another scheduled for Newport).
2) We will strategically post our leaflets in key places within a twenty or thirty mile radius of Lampeter… I shall acquire a map for us to put pins in and a list of key places can be recorded as visited.
3) A boost was suggested for our Facebook and webpage to increase visibility – this incurs a fee of £20-£30. This might be better twinned with a particular event, service or open day.
4) If talks in local schools or community groups could be secured then that was encouraged.
5) If local media could cover an event (blessing of the waters, St Cybi’s well, Vespers service in host parish, school talk, prison visit, community project?) then that would increase our visibility significantly.
I’ll get a visitor book also to harvest as many old and new contacts as possible. If you have not yet added your details to the Lampeter Orthodox Church contacts list then please do send them to Hellier Johns at: 83hellier@gmail.com

I’ve expanded on some of these ideas a bit from points 3-5 but the germ of it was there during the discussion.
Your prayers in Christ.

Open Doors – Strata Florida Abbey

Open Doors – Strata Florida Abbey

Open Doors – Strata Florida Abbey
Sat 14 Sep 2019

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    11:00 – 16:00
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    The Cistercian monks of the Middle Ages were quite the entrepreneurs. They might have sought wild and lonely places to practise their religion but, like eager developers, they took advantage of this rural location near Tregaron to amass vast amounts of land. They needed the space to farm thousands of income-generating sheep. They also built roads and bridges which brought pilgrims and traders to the abbey. A shrewd move.

Strata Florida quickly became not only a site of huge religious significance in Wales but also a natural home for Welsh culture. Dafydd ap Gwilym, one of the best known of Wales’s medieval poets, is buried here under a yew tree.

You only need admire the majesty of the huge carved west doorway to appreciate how impressive this building must once have been. The plan of the church can still be clearly traced and, rather remarkably, some of the original richly decorated tiles from the abbey are still intact. One of them, ‘Man with the Mirror’, depicts a medieval gentleman admiring himself in a mirror!

Getting there – Road: Minor roads from Pontrhydfendigaid, reached from B4340. Rail: Aberystwyn 12mls/20kms Shrewsbury – Aberystwyth line. Bike: NCN Route No 82 (2mls/4kms).

Day Times
Sat 14 Sep 2019
11:00 – 16:00
Sun 15 Sep 2019
11:00 – 16:00

More Info Here: https://cadw.gov.wales/open-doors-strata-florida-abbey

Penrhys Pilgrimage Way

Be one of the first modern day pilgrims to walk the path from the spectacular Cathedral in Llandaff to the Holy Well and Hallowed Shrine of our Lady at Penrhys. The Penrhys Pilgrimage Project is recreating and waymarking the pilgrimage route which can easily be completed in two days, thus providing a great introduction to making a pilgrimage. If you are considering pilgrimage, or just want a good walk to explore parts of the South Wales valleys, this route is for you.


New light on Gildas

New light on Gildas

Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, SY23 3BU
Mon 2nd September 2019 1:00PM

Dr Iestyn Daniel explores anew the questions surrounding the sixth-century Latin document commonly known as De Excidion Britanniae, which has been the subject of considerable sturdy but much about it still remains unresolved and debatable.

In this lecture he will bring additional light to bear on such questions as Gildas’ linguistic inheritance and ethnic identity, where he lived, where he launched his missive and his Latin style, and will outline the main conclusions of his work on a new Welsh edition of the text.