Dear Faithful of Lampeter Orthodox Church,

Our parish will be honoured to receive a visit from His Grace Bishop Maximos on the 18th/19th November.

Divine Liturgy will be served in Lampeter on Sunday the 19th with the Bishop.

The Liturgy will followed by a meal which will take place at the University in Lampeter.

There will be a delicious range of food available catering to all tastes/needs, wine, soft drinks, teas coffees etc all included. 

We will ask a minimum donation for the cost of the food and wine of £20.00 for those 18yrs+ (if your donation could exceed this, the excess will contribute to those who have limited means). Please contact me to confirm if you wish to attend.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet the Bishop and we hope as many members of our parish as possible will be able to come.

Arrival of Bishop at Church.      10.00hrs
Hours                                        10.00hrs – 10.30hrs
Divine Liturgy.                           10.30hrs – 12.15hrs

Lunch Reception                       13.15hrs – 16.15hrs
Departure of Bishop.                 15.45hrs

In Christ

Tim Stowe

Parish Chairman