The End of the School Year 2016-17
Dear beloved in the Lord,

On the occasion of the end of the school year 2016-2017, I am writing a few words to congratulate the Teachers, Students, Pupils, Parents, friends and supporters of Education for the efforts they have made this year for the proper and orderly functioning of our Daily and Afternoon Schools of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

As we all perceive, we live in difficult times. Terrorist attacks and other tribulations have been hurting the country which is hosting us, leaving behind broken families, orphaned children and much pain. That is why we have a duty to rekindle our faith in the Triune God and the eternal and insurmountable values ​​of Christianity. Such values ​​are Love, Freedom, Democracy, Peace, reconciliation, friendship, collaboration, love towards our family, and respect and sensitivity towards the weak, the elderly and the destitute of this life.

I believe that in our schools, communities and our families we must emphasize the importance of virtue, friendship, trust, solidarity, respect and love for our neighbours, our friends and our enemies. With our virtuous life and our good example, we support and guide the younger generations and our entire society; we learn to love, appreciate and respect the gifts that Society provides for us and the good Education which is given to us by the State.

I congratulate you all for your efforts in Education and the wonderful achievements that our schools have made during the 2016-2017 school year, and in the future I wish you even greater success. I pray for the progress of the Schools and the improvement and strengthening of Education within the sacred framework of our Christian Orthodox tradition. That is why I remind you all of the great educational value of prayer, regular church attendance and the participation of the family in the mystery of the Divine Eucharist. I pray for you and our Schools and wish all of you a good summer, a happy and peaceful holiday and warm wishes, love and honour in the Lord.

London, July 2017

Archbishop Gregorios

of Thyateira and Great Britain