Saturday 30 September 2023

Llanilltud Fawr / Llantwit Major

St Illtud (c.475-c.525) was a Celtic saint, venerated as one of the founders of monasticism in Britain and abbot of a famous school of learning at Llanilltud Fawr in Glamorgan where Gildas, St Paul Aurelian and St David may have studied. The monastery flourished until the time of the Norman invasion.

With our friends from the parish of St Nicholas, Cardiff, we are making a pilgrimage to the 13th century church which is on the site of Illtud’s monastery.

Divine Liturgy will be at 11.00 am followed by a Paraklesis to St Illtud. The church is in the centre of the village (CF61 1WG) and near the railway station of Llantwit Major.